Your New Patient Journey for Portner Pittack Dental Practice Jan 2021

As an essential health service, we are open and offering the full range of treatments. We are able to see new patients, although we will need to see you for a consultation before any treatment takes place due to strict infection prevention procedures.

How Are We Working Safely?

Before You Come In

  • When you call to book your appointment, you will be asked about your Covid Status and you will get an email asking you to confirm it the day before your appointment.
  • You can cancel your appointment at any time if you or a member of your family is unwell.
  • If a patient or a family member has Covid or is in isolation, we have strict protocols about when they or any member of their family can re-book.
  • If you are shielding we will book your appointment first in session.

Arriving at The Practice

  • Patients arrive at the time of their appointment with a facemask on.
  • The door will be released when the dentist/hygienist is ready.
  • There is hand sanitiser by the door inside and you will go straight into the surgery.
  • Reception are now behind a glass screen running all the way round the desk to the ceiling.
  • Your temperature will be taken by your dentist/hygienist and you will be sent home if it is raised.

What you will see in the Surgery

  • Your dentist, nurse or hygienist smiling behind their masks.
  • All clinicians will be wearing full PPE, including gowns, face masks, visors & gloves.
  • Round towers which are the air purifiers.

When you leave the surgery

  • Face Mask back on.
  • Re sanitise your hands.
  • You can leave immediately and we can call for payment and to book any further appointments.
  • There is a one-way system, so you leave by the back door in order that you come into contact with as few people as possible.

Invisible Things we do to keep us all safe

  • 10 minute gaps before & after an examination appointment.
  • For treatment appointments there is a longer gap afterwards so that the current guidelines about fallow time can be strictly enforced.
  • Lunch times are staggered so that staff only have lunch with their immediate work colleague.
  • One receptionist at the practice and the practice manager working from home.
  • Lateral flow testing of staff.
  • All visitors or chaperones to the practice are triaged the same way as if they were having an appointment.
  • Post is quarantined for 24 hours.
  • Keep up to date and evaluate all current guidance and rules from reliable sources within dentistry and outside where appropriate.
  • Be flexible and change processes when needed.