Damon Braces in Mill Hill East, North London

Uniquely comfortable teeth straightening

Damon Braces use a technology called “self-ligating braces”. They have long been a talking point in the world of dentistry, and for good reason too.

Whilst not the most common treatment choice, these braces are extremely effective in moving teeth more comfortably than any other method.

Damon Braces use special brackets which are permanently fixed to the teeth – much like the traditional train track style. However, instead of the usual rubber ring bands used in traditional braces, the wires in Damon Braces are held in place by cleverly designed metal clip or slide on each tooth. This allows the teeth to move more freely, without the usual pressure or friction often associated with braces with bands.

Whilst they may seem like brand new technology, the first self-ligating braces were actually patented in 1933.

In 1996, Dr Dwight Damon introduced the Damon System; a self-ligating brace specifically designed to reduce friction between wires and brackets – a common cause of discomfort and extended treatment times with traditional braces.

This unique design can bring a huge number of benefits, with patients enjoying:

  • More comfortable teeth straightening thanks to reduced pressure and friction.
  • Faster treatment times so you can have your braces off sooner.
  • Less trips to the dentist thanks to the self-tightening technology.
  • Fewer extractions as Damon Braces rarely require teeth being taken out.
  • More expansion than any other method, with the brackets capable of making your jaw wider.

At Portner Pittack in Mill Hill East, we are proud to offer a range of industry-leading teeth straightening solutions to our patients from all over North London. Our specialist orthodontist, Dr Vaughan, is a leading practitioner of Damon Braces and has many years’ experience in helping patients achieve brighter, straighter smiles with this method.

Damon Braces are clinically proven to both align teeth and enhance facial aesthetics. In the majority of cases, this can usually be done without the need for any extractions or rapid palatal expanders before treatment.

Straighten your smile with Damon Braces – no pressure.

Damon braces are the closest teeth straightening solution to traditional braces that we have to offer at our North London practice, but are also considered one of the most comfortable methods on the market.

The improved hygienic aspect is also an important feature of the treatment. Where conventional orthodontic braces are tied with elastic bands, Damon Braces use sterile metal clips instead. This makes them much easier to keep clean as they do not attract or collect plaque –a leading cause of gum disease.

At our practice in Mill Hill East, we offer Damon Clear Braces. Working in the same way as the original Damon Braces, this brackets for this clear version are made from an aesthetic ceramic. This tooth-coloured material makes them much less obvious in your mouth than the usual metallic style; meaning people will barely notice you’re wearing them.

Damon Braces in North London

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