Your first dental appointment with us

We want to thoroughly understand what is important to you before we even look at your teeth. We talk to you and ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire only then do we examine your teeth.

Your dentist will produce a written plan for you detailing treatment options and costs. Before treatment goes ahead your dentist will want to discuss your treatment plan with you, making sure you are comfortable with the pace of treatment and the costs.

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gentle touch at Portner Pittack Dental Practice

Our aim is to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible. The dentist, receptionist, practice manager, the nurse, the hygienist indeed our whole staff are here to help you.

Booking appointments at convenient times, reminding you of those appointments, understanding when you want to have a chat, guiding you through your treatment and advising you of various ways of paying for your treatment are all ways that we try to help you.

And of course we offer you excellent coffee and have a wide range of DVDs you can watch during your treatments.