Lingual Braces in Mill Hill East, North London

Specialist braces behind teeth for incognito teeth straightening

When it comes to discreet teeth straightening, lingual braces are one of the best hidden solutions modern dentistry has to offer.

With lingual braces, your teeth are quite literally straightened behind the scenes - meaning you can undergo treatment without anyone being able to see your brace.

The gold alloy brackets are bonded to the tongue side of each tooth and, along with the archwires, are custom-made to your teeth to help you achieve the exact results you’re looking for.

Lingual braces are now considered by dentists to be one of the most effective and discreet ways to straighten teeth, with the smaller brackets making them extremely comfortable to wear once you have gotten used to them.


Top quality lingual braces in Mill Hill East

At our North London practice, we offer the following lingual treatments:


Incognito™ lingual braces

These brackets are custom made from gold. The braces are fitted behind your teeth to stay out of sight. They are made using state-of-the-art technology to make sure they fit your teeth perfectly to deliver optimum comfort and teeth straightening.


The STb™ Light Lingual System

Similar to the Incognito technology, the STB Light is the more cost-effective alternative to traditional gold lingual braces. It is, however, still very effective at straightening teeth whilst ensuring a great level of comfort throughout the treatment.


Forestadent® 2D Lingual Brackets

With the Forestadent design, the brackets placed on the back of the teeth are much flatter than any other kind of lingual braces. With a thickness of between just 1.3 and 1.65mm and soft, smooth edges on each bracket, Forestadent is the number one brace for patient comfort.


Why choose lingual braces with Portner Pittack?

Of course, the main advantage of the lingual braces is their unrivalled level of discreetness. Whilst the actual brackets and wires are not invisible, the way we place them in your mouth makes them undetectable.

With the fixed braces behind the teeth, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to catch a glimpse of them when you speak or smile.

Lingual braces offer other significant advantages:

  • the appearance of your teeth is fully natural,
  • you don’t need to remove them at certain times of day, or
  • you don’t need to remove them for eating or sport

Your lingual braces are bonded to the back of your teeth until your treatment is complete, meaning you can go about your day without needing to worry.

They can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic issues, including severely overcrowded teeth and poor spacing, as well as both underbites and overbites. Using brackets made especially for your teeth, we’re able to control even the slightest movements of each tooth.

Smoking or eating and drinking certain things whilst wearing traditional braces can cause irregular staining on your teeth, which is highly visible once the brackets are removed; leaving behind small white squares on each tooth. Decalcification is also a common result of poor oral hygiene during teeth straightening treatment, which can also leave behind white spots.

If either of these issues were to happen during your treatment with lingual braces, any irregular marks would be hidden behind your teeth – leaving your smile perfectly straight and evenly coloured.

Patients from all over North London come to Portner Pittack in Mill Hill East for their teeth straightening treatment. Our specialist orthodontist Dr Vaughan is highly qualified and experienced in carrying out all of the solutions we have to offer. He is trained to perform all aspects of your teeth straightening treatment, from initial tooth movement planning, to fitting the brace and managing your progress through each stage.

Lingual Braces in North London

If you want straight teeth without the ‘metal mouth’ look in the meantime, lingual braces might be the fixed solution for you. To book your teeth straightening consultation with our orthodontic team, please call Portner Pittack on 020 8349 3924.

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