Dental book keeper in Mill Hill East at Portner Pittack

Anne Ansell

Anne Ansell Bookeeper

My name is Anne Ansell and I have been the bookkeeper at Portner Pittack Dental Practice working two days a week since 2010.

I’ve always enjoyed numbers and in my later years at school computers started appearing. We were told it was the shape of the future so I went to Aston University and studied Computing Science. It really was early days for the subject but quite exciting. I then went to work for a large organisation writing and testing software for communications systems.

I took a career break while my two children were young and during this time learnt how to use the QuickBooks accounting package to keep the accounts for my husband’s business. A few years later this knowledge gave me the opportunity to work for some friends whose business was expanding and they wanted to move on from their time-consuming book-based accounts to something more modern. Having gained more confidence and skills with QuickBooks I then submitted my CV to two recruitment agencies each of which quickly matched me up with a small company wanting somebody on a part-time basis. I was then working for four very different businesses averaging about three days a week and thoroughly enjoying what I was doing.

A few years later, one of my clients retired so I went back to the agency, saw the advert that Portner Pittack had placed for a bookkeeper, and within a couple of weeks I was working there. Most of the time I’m hidden away in the back office where I still use QuickBooks to log all the financial transactions for sales and expenses for the Practice. This includes monthly payroll, which some of the staff would say is my most important task! My goal is to provide accurate Profit and Loss reports each month for both Jon’s and Rob’s companies.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming and being outside gardening, walking or cycling.