Dental Nurses in Mill Hill East at Portner Pittack

Michelle Luckin GDC No. 137999

Head Dental Nurse

Michelle Luckin Head Dental Nurse

I have worked at PPDP as Rob Pittack's dental nurse for nearly 22 years. During that time I've had the opportunity to work with a dentist who has encouraged me to develop my skill set in particular areas of expertise.

In addition to training and gaining my nursing qualification with the Dental Nursing Examining Board I also gained a qualification in Radiography (British Dental Association) which I utilise at the practice. In particular, this would be a 'snap shot' of your head in the x-ray room. In addition to this, I am also qualified to take impressions and I am usually booked to do this to support Rob when impressions may be taken for bleaching trays or for mouth guards and models of your teeth. I also trained as a specialist SAAD nurse (Society of the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry); this is a national course in conscious sedation where I might be asked to assist the visiting anaesthetist to our practice.

My speciality nursing is as a implant nurse and this was achieved with further training in the various implant systems which enabled me to work with Rob in his speciality of implant dentistry. I find this work particularly rewarding, as it is so intricate and the patient always ends up with a wonderful smile on his or her face.

On a personal note, I took a break from dentistry while I was having my twin boys who are now fourteen years of age. They are my biggest challenge and they certainly keep me on my toes. I also, make regular time for Pilates and Jujitsu which helps me keep healthy, fit and surprisingly relaxed. I also like travelling and my most recent time away was to Singapore and India.

I like working at PPDP because it is a nice atmosphere where we all get along well and work well as a team.

Jadeen Leon GDC No. 245477

Dental Nurse

Jadeen Leon Dental Nurse