Dental receptionists in Mill Hill East at Portner Pittack

Lavina Browne


Lavina Browne Receptionist

I started my career in dentistry over 20 years ago after getting the opportunity to train as a dental nurse with an established north west London NHS practice. After gaining my first couple of years of experience in the surgery I began working as head nurse for the principal dentist of a private practice. During my first year at that practice I got to do something a dental nurse rarely gets to do, if indeed at all – have a new surgery designed to our specification. In fact I liked my room so much I stayed for 14 years!

When the time came for me to move on to new challenges I worked at a Hertfordshire practice that offered dentistry, beauty and medical services and then for a brief period at a dental laboratory.

I came to work with Jon and Rob at Portner Pittack in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. In my role as a receptionist here at the practice I am at the hub of everything that goes on, there is never a dull moment. My responsibilities vary from the simple things such as booking a check-up six months in advance to finding a specialist surgeon for a same day emergency out-patient hospital appointment. Its great having such a wide range of people come in to see us each day and I particularly love seeing the way that nervous patients are transformed in the way they feel about coming along for treatment thanks to the care of our team.

I am very proud of the level of service and range of specialities that is offered to our patients here at Portner Pittack and hope to be part of the team for many years to come.

Away from work I am the human servant to a Shih Tzu who’s too cute for his own good and loves going for long walks. My husband and I enjoy spending sofa time losing ourselves in a great box set or film. Exercise, especially spin, Bodypump and yoga classes were a big part of my life for many years. Although the time to do them all regularly has been elusive over the last year, I aim to get back into them all at some point so that I can one day overtake Rob on the finish line of a cycle challenge!