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Written testimonials for Portner Pittack Dental Practice

"Rob, As I arrived home after today’s appointment it occurred to me just how amazing and supportive you personally and your practice have been over the many years I have been your patient.

You have always been able to accommodate me at short notice in my times of concern and at each routine appointment from the moment I step in to the moment I leave it is nothing but a smooth, friendly, efficient and professional experience.

I am certainly most grateful indeed.

Thank you and kind regards."

Happy Patient

"Dr Portner is a caring, dedicated practitioner who puts the patient's needs at the forefront of his activity. He is meticulous and zealous in following up, which results in an excellent service being provided on each visit."


"As you may recall, I allowed Susan to be my guinea pig for her implants. Her confidence in you was immediately justified. I can now also add my comments. The implants feel comfortable and secure, and they look completely natural and undetectable. I am absolutely delighted with the results, and thank you for your attention to detail, and your concern at all times for my well being. Thank you Rob. You are a true professional."


"Jon, I am so delighted with the tooth whitening. At last I am not embarassed to smile."


"To Rob and Tina. I was never one who was short on confidence. And I would like to thank you from the bottom of my teeth for all your professional work that has given me that extra X Factor. Thank you again."


"I would highly recommend Jonathan Portner. You get good advice and treatment. My veneers are almost 16 years old and have had no problems at all. My children enjoy their dental visits too!."


"Dear Rob thank you so much for my lovely tooth, a more confident smile, painless treatment, an awesome fang, knowledge on how to look after the rest of my teeth, friendly staff and the privilege of getting to know you these past few months."


"Jonathan Portner at Portner Pittack transformed my 60 year old teeth into a Holywood smile of which George Clooney would be proud. I cannot recommend their care and after care too highly."


"I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you did on my Veneers. They look completely natural and are everything I had hoped for. I now feel much happier about my appearance and more confident in general. The service I received from every member of staff at Portner Pittack can only be described as outstanding."


"When we were first recommended to you and having assessed Doreen's teeth you recommended Implants. I think you have done eight or ten. You explained every stage of the procedure in absolute detail and that is exactly how the procedure matured and she has never had a problem. She is absolutely delighted with the implants and constantly reminds me that they are best present ever - so thanks again."


"I used to think that my NHS dentist was OK and a private dentist was a waste of money. Not any more ! My NHS dentist retired and I moved on recommendation to Jonathan Portner and have been going to him for four years now. The condition of my teeth is transformed - my old fillings have been replaced, my teeth and gums are healthy and my teeth look great. A discoloured cantilever bridge which kept falling out has been replaced with a natural looking, firmly-fitting replacement and the supporting tooth which cracked in half, has been saved and repaired. He is by far the best dentist that I have ever been to and I would highly recommend him."


"I was extremely nervous on my first visit but Rob put me at ease pretty much immediately. He gave me a full check up and then explained I needed rot canal treatment on my broken tooth, I was terrified as I had herd so many stories about root canal, but to be honest I don't really know what everyone goes on about it for, It didn't hurt a bit, I knew exactly what happening. Rob also asked me if I was happy with my smile, an insightful question because I had never been happy with my smile. He gave me a couple of options. Option one was to just replace my old veneers, whereas another option would be to create a smile I'd always wanted. And guess what - I went for the second option. The end result a fabulous smile that I love and that people comment on. I am so happy with my smile now."


"On retirement I found my dental health had deteriorated badly. I was recommended to Jonathan Portner at Portner Pittack Dental Practice at Mill Hill. On my first appointment I was put fully at ease and during the next two years experienced an extensive range of treatments including dental hygiene, extractions, implants, fillings, root fillings, crowns and teeth whitening. Without exception at each stage I was treated with the utmost care and consideration and the various options carefully explained. My wife who accompanied me herself needed extensive treatments and throughout was impressed with the level of care given, professionalism shown and the results achieved. Recommended by both without reservation!"


"What a difference. I have struggled with a full lower denture for years. It has moved around, prevented me chewing properly & given me numerous ulcers. Now that they are fixed to implants I have none of these problems. Having the implants placed was not a problem, I can't even remember much about the appointment. They have improved my confidence immeasurably. I can eat out in restaurants again and don't worry about them moving whilst talking. I know I say it every time I see you but thanks again."