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We are proud to be a highly rated North London orthodontist, with a fantastic range of the latest clear braces and teeth straightening treatments offered at our modern private clinic in Mill Hill.

Your clear brace teeth straightening experts in North London

Our specialist orthodontist is Pratik Sharma (GDC Specialist No: 76562).

At your consultation, Dr Sharma will assess your teeth, discuss the kind of results you’re hoping to achieve, and help you to decide on the teeth straightening solution for you.

Specialist orthodontist

Dr Sharma is an award winning, highly respected and skilled Specialist Orthodontic Consultant. He treats patients with complex orthodontic needs and brings his extensive knowledge of tried and tested as well as new treatments to all his patients. Dr Sharma works part-time at Portner Pittack and the rest of his time as a hospital consultant.

Dr Sharma prides himself on delivering treatments to the highest quality standard whilst ensuring the utmost attention to patients’ needs.

Why bother with teeth straightening?

A very large percentage of British adults are unhappy with their teeth. They either missed out on having traditional braces in their youth or their teeth have become crooked again over time. Uneven teeth often result in low self-esteem and self-consciousness when speaking or smiling, so many adults are now choosing to have their teeth straightened.

Using clear braces gives you the perfect smile you have always dreamed of quicker and more discreetly. Having straight teeth is no longer a case of having to get metal braces as a child or putting up with crooked teeth for the rest of your life.

Modern techniques in dentistry give adults the opportunity for straighter, healthier looking teeth without anyone being able to tell you are having orthodontic work done. These methods are also much faster yet just as effective as traditional wire braces.

Beautifully straight teeth don’t only make you look and feel better. They also have an incredible impact on your overall health and quality of life.

Teeth straightening is used to align your teeth. When your teeth are neatly lined up, they’re easier to clean and care for because there are no places for food and plaque to get trapped.

Benefits of teeth straightening

  • Help prevent gum disease
  • Improve your speech
  • Make eating easier
  • Reduce headaches and other pain
  • Keep you protected from serious damage
  • Improve your overall health
  • Reduce pressure
  • Close up gaps
  • Better oral hygiene is possible

Clear brace teeth straightening options

We believe that no one should ever feel like they have to hide their smile. That is why we offer some of the best teeth straightening solutions in modern dentistry to help our patients smile brightly again.

Many adults are put off from teeth straightening because of the unsightly appearance of some braces. At Portner Pittack in Mill Hill, our orthodontist uses industry-leading ‘invisible’ teeth straightening solutions to help patients straighten their smiles without anyone knowing they are wearing braces.

Virtually undetectable teeth straightening methods using clear braces offered at our Mill Hill surgery include:

Invisalign Braces

This is one of the most well-known brands of invisible braces on the market with over 5 million worldwide patients. This custom-made clear brace covers the entirety of your teeth, using gentle forces to guide teeth into their perfect position.

Lingual Braces

When it comes to invisible teeth straightening solutions, Lingual Braces are arguably the winning design. With wires fixed behind the teeth, Lingual Braces are virtually undetectable.

Your Orthodontist consultation

To book a consultation, or find out more about clear braces, please:

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The Portner Pittack surgery is located in Thornfield Court, nestled in between both the Mill Hill East underground and Finchley Central Station.

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Teeth Straightening Reviewed by B Giwelb on "I have been going to Portner Pittack Dental Practice for more years that I can remember, the practice is spotless and is a lovely bright environment. Jon always provides great care, advice and treatment.

I also get to see the hygienist, and the orthodontist all at the same practice. From the excellent care my teeth get from Portner Pittack Dental Practice I hope to hold on to the majority of them well into my ripe old age Thank you"
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