Meet our dental team in Mill Hill East

We want to build long-term relationships with you and your teeth

After 27 years in Mill Hill East, we've built a reputation for outstanding work, attentive service, and a long-term commitment to our patients' dental health.

It is of course led by our two partners. Jon Portner brings over 30 years' experience with particular expertise in cosmetic dentistry, a passion for his craft, good humour and a caring approach which helps patients overcome any fear. Rob Pittack brings over 20 years' experience, a sensitive and empathetic manner, and a great degree of technical expertise in implants in particular. They are passionately committed to offering the very best dentist service possible, continually studying new techniques and keeping up with the latest technology. That commitment to excellence draws the involvement of a brilliant team of specialists see below.

We have great long-term relationships with our patients, and for the most part, they do with their teeth. Come and see what we could do for you.