Dental practice managerĀ in Mill Hill East at Portner Pittack

Sara Pittack

Sara Pittack Practice Manager

I never thought I would find myself working as a Practice manger in a dental practice. Strange where life takes you. After finishing my degree in Social Policy I went to work in the heady days of the 1980s advertising industry. Working for companies such as Thames TV, The Mail on Sunday and Sky Television I enjoyed the cut and thrust of media sales taking the time to enjoy the long lunches and parties that were a part of the media world in those far off times.

Fast forward to the end of my career break in 2001 and the Practice Manger was leaving Portner Pittack and it was agreed that I would come to help out for a year or so. And as they say the rest is history. .

I always say to new members of reception that the problem we have on the more adminstrative side of the practice is that our task is to be as excellent in what we do as what our clinicans do in their surgeries. To do this I have enjoyed several fantastic training courses from How to Make an Impact to Neuro Linguistic Programming and to Business Process Mapping. These are not typically training courses that a practice manager might attend but I like to do things a little differently. My most recent course has been The Professional And Executive Coaching Certificate at Henley Business School. By creating a coaching culture within the practice I hope that everyone feels supported in all areas of their work here.

At home I enjoy the satisfaction of baking a great profiterole, kicking back enjoying a Netflix binge, booking the odd holiday or weekend break and having my family around me.