Privacy Policy for Portner Pittack Dental Practice September 2019

This privacy policy explains how we use any personal and clinical information we collect from you when you attend the practice or visit the practice.

How do we collect Information about you

We collect information about you either on line, in person, over the telephone, by email when you make an enquiry, register with us, book an appointment and when you are seen by a clinician. We may also receive information about you from a referring dentist or professional colleague.

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What Type of Information do we collect about you

Clinical Information

This is also known as special category data. This information is collected so that we can

  • Provide you with dental care and treatment
  • Assess the working capacity of the team members

Personal Information

Such as Name, Address, Date of Birth. This information is collected so that for example we can

  • Contact you regarding appointments and recalls
  • Keep payment records on your account
  • Process comments or complaints
  • Staff and self employed team member management

We do send reminders of appointments to patients via text. If you do not wish to receive these reminder texts please contact or call her on 0208349 3924.

Special Category Information for Staff

  • Details of criminal records for managing employees and contracted team members.

How will we use the information

Referrals to Professional Clinicians

It is usual practice to send your information to a dentist who you are referred to. Patients receive copies of the referral letter and further correspondence. Consent will be asked for when your dentist wishes to send a referral letter to a colleague. Patients can withdraw their consent for a letter to be sent to another clinician or professional colleague.

Third Parties

It can be necessary for other companies to look at your data E.G.

  • The software that holds all your data can develop an issue and when that happens the practice will need software support. This can entail the company “dialling in” online or downloading a data set.
  • We also hold offsite backups in the UK, so that if there is an issue with the server we can be up and running within a day or so.
  • Another example would be sending your details to a dental laboratory to ensure that they have your information so as to make your crown or bridge or other devices to fit accurately.

The practice will send the minimum amount of your data that is required to any third party.

All third party companies have a contract with the practice which specifies their data protection processes and they have to sign a confidentiality clause so that your data is protected.

Whilst the practice does not share information unless it is necessary and is covered by contract, there may be legal reason or those concerning safeguarding issues where your information could be shared if required.

Security of Your Information

The practice has Information Governance Procedures which include, how your data is kept secure, who can access your information, how long the information is retained for, where it is held and what would happen if there is a data breach. You can ask for a copy of these procedures by asking Sara Pittack.

Rights Under GDPR

You can ask for a free copy of your information and have certain rights under the GDPR 2018. These include:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification (where an error has been made)
  • The right to erasure (clinical records must be retained for a certain time period)
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object


If the practice decides to send out marketing information, your consent will be requested. You will have the right to withdraw that consent at any time by calling, 0208 349 3924, writing to Sara Pittack 8-9 Thornfield Parade Dollis Road London NW7 1LN or emailing to

Your information is not sold to any third party.

If you have any queries please contact Sara Pittack.

Here are some practical examples of your rights:

  • If you are a patient of the practice you have the right to withdraw consent for important notifications, newsletters, surveys or marketing. You can inform us to correct errors in your personal details or withdraw consent from communication methods such as telephone, email or text. You have the right to obtain a free copy of your patient records within one month.
  • If you are not a patient of the practice you have the right to withdraw consent for processing personal data, to have a free copy of it within one month, to correct errors in it or to ask us to delete it. You can also withdraw consent from communication methods such as telephone, email or text.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

Please contact the IG Lead at the practice for a comment, suggestion or a complaint about your data processing at , or 020 8549 3924 or by writing to or visiting the practice at 8-9 Thornfield Parade, Dollis Road, Mill Hill East, London, NW71LN . We take complaints very seriously.

If you are unhappy with our response or if you need any advice you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Their telephone number is 0303 123 1113, you can also chat online with an advisor. The ICO can investigate your claim and take action against anyone who’s misused personal data. You can also visit their website for information on how to make a data protection complaint.

Related practice procedures

You can also use these contact details to request copies of the following practice policies or procedures:

  • Data Protection and Information Security Policy, Consent Policy
  • Privacy Impact Assessment Information Governance Procedures, Record Retention

If you have an enquiry or a request please contact the Information Governance Lead:

  • RoCoDent LTD,
  • 8-9 Thornfield Parade, Dollis Road, Mill Hill East, London, NW71LN,
  • Email:,
  • Phone: 020 8549 3924

Data Opt-Out Policy

How the we use your information

RoCoDent LTD is one of many organisations working in the health and care system to improve care for patients and the public. Whenever you use a health or care service, such as attending Accident & Emergency or using Community Care services, important information about you is collected in a patient record for that service. Collecting this information helps to ensure you get the best possible care and treatment. The information collected about you when you use these services can also be used and provided to other organisations for purposes beyond your individual care, for instance to help with:

  • Improving the quality and standards of care provided
  • Research into the development of new treatments
  • Preventing illness and diseases
  • Monitoring safety
  • Planning services

This may only take place when there is a clear legal basis to use this information. All these uses help to provide better health and care for you, your family and future generations. Confidential patient information about your health and care is only used like this where allowed by law.

Most of the time, anonymised data is used for research and planning so that you cannot be identified in which case your confidential patient information isn’t needed.

You have a choice about whether you want your confidential patient information to be used in this way. If you are happy with this use of information you do not need to do anything. If you do choose to opt out your confidential patient information will still be used to support your individual care.

You can change your mind about your choice at any time by contacting Rob Pittack or Jonathan Portner.

Data being used or shared for purposes beyond individual care does not include your data being shared with insurance companies or used for marketing purposes and data would only be used in this way with your specific agreement.

Health and care organisations have until 2020 to put systems and processes in place so they can be compliant with the national data opt-out and apply your choice to any confidential patient information they use or share for purposes beyond your individual care.

Our practice only uses your personal health data to provide individualised care to you and does not disclose your data for any other purposes. The national data opt-out does not apply to our usage of your data and we are compliant with the policy.

Privacy Notice for Children

The practice keeps records of your name, address, date of birth and details of any health problems as well as details of your dental treatment and details about your family. We keep this information so that we can provide you with the best dental care. Your personal information is kept very confidentially and securely.

We only use your personal information so we can give you the best dental care and for sending reminders to you.

We only pass your personal information to another dentist, doctor or hospital if you have a problem that needs their special skills and you need to go and see them. We will not give your information to anyone else unless the law allows us to or we have to provide it for legal reasons.

If you leave the practice, we will stop using your information, but will keep it confidentially and securely until you are 25 years old, when we will review if and when we can delete it. You can always ask for a copy of the information we hold for you, we can transfer it to another dentist or doctor at your request and you can ask us to stop using your personal information to send letters or contact you in other ways if you are no longer a patient at the practice.

When you reach 18 years of age the Privacy Notice about how we process your personal information will change to the adult version. This can be found on our website.

If you would like a copy of the information we hold about you or if you have any other enquiries it about such as to change an error in your information or to provide a copy of your information to somebody else please contact:

The Information Governance Lead
RoCoDent LTD and All Dental Care Ltd,
8-9 Thornfield Parade, Dollis Road, Mill Hill East, London, NW71LN,
Phone: 020 8349 3924